what is this Campaign about?
This is a campaign to initiate a movement that carries forward the message of a Livable Nepal a condition whereby we are able to earn a living by pursuing a profession or an economic opportunity. It is a movement that aims to raise the voices of many Nepalis who despite their political beliefs or the absence of it simply want to live a peaceful life where they have an opportunity to realize their efforts into progress and prosperity for themselves.
why You should be a part of this Campaign?
The campaign for Livable Nepal is a movement of Nepalis who want to move on to issues that affect their everyday lives. This campaign is therefore asking for a country where everyone can earn his/her living and possession of property protected by strong rule of law.

the Campaign in a nutshell

Campaign for a 'Livable Nepal' is a nationwide movement of general people who want to earn living in peaceful environment under the strong regulation of law. In other words, the campaign advocates for ensured fundamental rights of people.

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be a part of the Campaign, Sign the Petition

Come join hands with the campaign. The campaign is for the Nepal where "Economic Freedom is guaranteed", "Rule of Law is ensured", and "Impunity comes to an end".

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make your contribution towards 'Livable Nepal'

You can : 1) Join the coalition, 2) Ask people to join the coalition, 3) Write your experiences in the website, 4) Use toolkit from the website, etc.

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almost everyone is in support.. ARE YOU?

All the people, organizations and associations who support the campaign and have signed the petition are the part of the coalition of the campaign. You too can be the part of it. And, how to do that? Just sign the petition.

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be a major Contributor! Support us!

This campaign does not belong to any individual or organization or association neither it is run by specific group or single being. So, you can support this campaign by: Advocating your fundamental rights whenever you think it is under threat, Buying campaign T-shirts, Donating to the campaign, etc.

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In your opinion, what makes Nepal Livable?

Livable Nepal is only possible when the Rule of Law is enforced, economic freedom is guaranteed and end of impunity is achieved. If you agree this, join the campaign by signing the petition.

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Picture speaks Louder than Words!

Share your photos with us.

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iSpeak - what's on your mind

Bibek Neupane

First of all, we need to improve the political situation of nepal. When will the people on politics come to know that we have to do somethin Read more

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National Photo Contest 2013

In order to raise awareness on the campaign’s fundamentals and help individuals internalize why these issues are integral to the creation of a livable Nepal, “Gari Khana Deu!” is organizing a photo contest. Pashupati Paints is the main sponsor for the event and Yeti Airlines, v-chitra, QFX, Capital Grill, Fonepay, Media 9,, Radio City 98.8, ,ECS, photo circle, Colors Mobile are co-sponsors.

With “Gari Khana Deu!” as the main theme, contestants are required to submit photographs which depict whether the creation of a livable Nepal is being aided or obstructed. Contestants should send in their entries along with the attached Submission Form via e-mail and in compliance with the stated Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details on how to enter the contest.

The schedule for the photo contest is as follows:

  • 16th April 2013, Baisakh 3 2070 Tuesday: Press Meet
  • 16th April 2013, Baisakh 3, 2070 Tuesday: Call for Submission
  • 16th May, 2013, Jestha 02nd, 2070, Thursday: Final Date of Submission
  • 28th May, 2013, Jestha 14th , 2070, Tuesday: Announcement of Winners
  • 1-2 June, 2013, Jestha 18-19th, 2070, Saturday-Sunday: Exhibition and Prize Distribution

The awards for the photo contest are divided into four different categories with the following prizes:

Jury Award:

  • Cash Prize: Rs. 25,000
  • QFX Cinema : 6 tickets
  • 2 Yeti Airlines to and fro tickets excluding trunk route
  • Couple Dinner Coupon at Capital Grill
  • Yearly Subscription of WoW

Best Creative Photo:

  • Cash Prize: Rs. 15,000
  • QFX Cinema: 4 tickets
  • 1 Yeti Airlines 2 and fro ticket excluding trunk route
  • 1 Dinner coupon at Capital Grill
  • Yearly Subscription of Business 360

Best Photo by Mobile:

  • Mobile worth Rs. 10,000
  • 2 QFX Cinema Tickets
  • 1 Yeti Airline to and fro ticket excluding trunk route
  • 1 Dinner Coupon at Capital Grill
  • Half Yearly Subscription of Wow.

Most Likes on Facebook:

  • Cash Prize: Rs. 5000
  • 2 QFX Cinema tickets
  • 1 Yeti Airline to and fro ticket excluding trunk route
  • 1 Dinner Coupon at Capital Grill
  • Half Yearly Subscription of Business 360

Click Here [PDF] or Click Here [MS WORD] to Download the Submission Form and Terms & Conditions.

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